15 oct 2017
première of the documentary by Armação do Artist

Clube de Tavira 

Álvaro de Campos (my most hysterically hysteric) ... was born in Tavira on 15th October1890 (at 1.30 in the afternoon ...; and it is true since it matches his horoscope for that time.)

In Letters to Casais Monteiro, 13 Jan 1935, Fernando Pessoa

"This is the fourth video documentary produced by Armação do Artista, directed by me and involving the Tavirense community in the creative act. In our line of work we approach people who live in community and visitors that circulate around the city. We challenge them to respond to a "theme question" We focus the protagonism on the interviewee, without preparation, Fernando Pessoa and the city of Tavira themselves are central characters."

                                               Vitor Correia

Álvaro de Campos visiting Tavira
In 1992 he is admitted to the School of Theater Formation of the Cultural Center of Évora,

At the end of the course he is invited as a professional actor to join the Évora Dramatic Center (Cendrev), where he participates in several plays presented by the company.  Works with various theatrical companies in the country as a resident actor: Centro Dramático do Algarve (Loulé),Teatro das Beiras (Covilhã),Teatro da Rainha (Caldas da Rainha) and with Artistas Unidos (Lisbon), not only as an actor but also directing some plays.

Making a few hundred shows.

In Tavira founded in 2006 Armação do Artista - Artistic, Cultural and Sports Association, where he gives theatrical training, represents and stages plays for the general public, children and youth public, with some plays with a strong component of community participation. Persisting passionately in forming a small theater company for the city of Tavira.

In television he integrated the cast of various series and tv series such as: "Here So Far"; "Tell me how it was"; "Ecuador"; "Inspector Max"; "Women"; "To know how to Love"; "Liberty 21"; "Strawberries with sugar","Amores desamores-Carolina Fernando and I", among others ...

In the cinema he works with directors like António Duarte, Rui Carvalheira, António Abreu, Nelson Rodrigues, Hélder Marques, Joaquim Sapinho, Margarida Gil, Manuel Mozos, Jorge Paixão da Costa, Leonel Viera, Edgar Pêra, Joaquim Leitão, Rodrigo Areias, Carlos Amaral, Vítor Alves, Miguel Aguiar, André Badalo, among others ...

In 2015 he is nominated for the Fundação GDA best actor Award   with his interpretation in the film "Far from Eden" by Carlos Amaral.

 Armação do Artista 

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