SUN 15/10/2017 
Igreja da Misericórdia 
Marcelo Montes (pianist) and Renato Aires (actor)

(…) In the unreal river of the music invoked. My soul is a child dressed in rags (…) But, Mother, will there ever be a God who does not make everything pointless (…) everything is an illusion. "One evening in Lima"(…) Break, heart(…)
               In O Véu das Lágrimas não cega. Fernando Pessoa

The recital starts with some chords of the Ballada nº1 Op. 16 by Vianna da Motta, (1905), the year Fernando Pessoa returns from Durban with his family. The  poem Un Soir a Lima, from 1935, describes the evenings spent in Durban listening to his mother playing the piano and his stepfather listening and smoking…. The poem is said to the sound of Pessoa’s preferred composers, a waltz Marcelo Montes composed in 2016 for the Birthday Party of Álvaro de Campos, and the recital ends with Un Soir a Lima by the composer Félix Godefroid.

Marcelo Montes began his piano studies at the age of 18 at the Conservatório de Vila Real de Santo António. He attended masterclasses in Lagos, Portimão and Lagoa. After an interruption he resumed his studies alone in 2015, training in the pianos of Casa Álvaro de Campos and the Church of Misericórdia. The CAC organized an action among citizens to buy a keyboard. His recitals in Tavira have earned him, among others, an invitation from The Cornwall Polytechnic Society (the Poly) to perform in Falmouth.

Renato Aires: Actor formed by CENDREV Évora Drama Center - Garcia de Resende Theater. He participated as an actor in the plays Living as Pigs of John Arden, with staging by Mario Barradas; The Italian Night of Ödön Von Horváth; An Auto of Gil Vicente, Theater of the Cornucopia staging Luis Miguel Cintra; Argoastronave Pilgrimage, staging by João Brites: The Three Sisters of Anton Chekhov, staging by Mario Barradas; Royal Hunt for the Sun by Peter Shaffer staging Carlos Avilez at the D. Maria Theater.






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