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… Me and the old one went up the street imagining a future sunflower.                                                 Me and the modern one came down the street not imagining anything …

In Reality of Álvaro de Campos

Photographic record of Isabel Macieira’s research.

“Tavira was the city chosen by Fernando Pessoa to “give birth” to Álvaro de Campos, who is considered the typical poet of modernity, civilization and the technique of the contemporary world.

It is not be a mere coincidence: before, he would also have felt the enormous charm, the historical and cultural surroundings that one can breathe in every corner of this city… one can say that, throughout the several epochs in this small and exquisite city, there has always been an audience attracted by fresh ideas that adheres immediately to new stylistic currents.

The same happened during the modernist period, represented by a range of examples of great beauty that it is urgent to study, to inventory and to preserve in their integrity, because they are important testimonies of the contemporary architecture in the city.

In this exhibition we integrate the most outstanding examples (city and surroundings), many of them created by the architect Manuel Gomes da Costa, today an unquestionable name of the modernist architecture of the Algarve.”

Isabel Macieira


Isabel Macieira

Isabel Macieira


born in Lisbon, lived in Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Madeira and the Azores. Lives in Tavira since 1985. Holds a Master’s Degree in Portuguese Art History from the University of Algarve. Taught Visual Editing and Design until 2014. In 2004 she published the book “The Sacred Painting in Tavira, XV to XX”. In the field of studies and research on local and regional history, writes articles and entries for catalogs and participates in colloquiums and guided tours. She develops a career as a plastic artist since 1990, with exhibitions in Portugal and abroad. In 2009 he founded Tavira, with Matthijs Warner the association of plastic and visual arts “Casa5”, linked to the organization of artistic and cultural events.



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