SUN 15th oct 2017
Clube de Tavira 

... Film reels always running
And never with any precise meaning...                                                                        

In Poesias de Álvaro de Campos

... We met Álvaro de Campos in the Terreiro do Paço, by a happy coincidence, where he was going to,  take the steamer to go to the Algarve. 
                                   In Intimate Pages and Self-Interpretation. Fernando Pessoa

Tangential to Fernando Pessoa is the thematic proposal of the Cineclube of Tavira to mark its participation in this PARTY OF THE YEARS OF ÁLVARO DE CAMPOS 2017. The issues tangential to Fernando Pessoa open a wide range of possibilities. 

The disciplines that unfold are many. Not necessarily only cinema, but other events that can be presented in an auditorium, with projection space but also where you can put a chair or two and promote informal meetings and conversations, book launches and others. In this edition we will have two tangential episodes on the same night. The projection of a movie and the launch of a book.
The first film in the program Tangential, (which is intended to become a series) is the experimental documentary Lisbon Revisited by Edgar Pêra. It is a dreamlike visit to the Portuguese capital, where the protagonists are the voices of the multiple people created by Fernando Pessoa. The title comes from a poem by Álvaro de Campos. It is spoken in Portuguese, English and French. The voices are those of Nuno Melo, Cláudia Clemente, Marina Albuquerque, Keith Esher Davis, Maya Booth, Amarante Abramovici, Miguel Borges and Jonathan Wightman.  

And the launch of the book ALGARVE An amazing journey through Gastronomy, Architecture and Biodiversity by Jacinto Palma Dias, tangencial to Fernando Pessoa because his genes came from the Algarve, home of his father and his family. 


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