SUN 01 oct to THU 30 nov 2017 | 12h00 - 22h00 
Gilão Restaurante
exhibition of paintings by Kinga Subicka

Sensibility – here taken in its widest possible sense – is the source of all civilised creativity. But this creativity can only be fully realised when this sensibility is adapted to the environment in which it functions; in the proportion of the adaptation of this sensibility to the environment lies the greatness and the strength of the resulting work.
    In Ultimatum - Portugal Futurista, nº 1. Álvaro de Campos 

"Fernando Pessoa is one of the major creators (dreamers) in the universal history of literature, with a life immersed in an incessant need to create, leaving us imposing work achieved as well as a sensation of great work waiting to be written. As oxygen is to life, so writing is to Fernando Pessoa and all the other heteronyms which he inhabited. My exhibition Incomplete dreams tries to go to meet this need to create that Fernando Pessoa had, where his writing appears to have no end, and is hence universal, eternal, incomplete ..."

Kinga Subicka

SONHOS INCOMPLETOS exposição Kinga Subicka Restaurante Gilão FAAC
Sonhos Incompletos exposição2
Kinga Subicka at the opening of her exhibition

Kinga Subicka was born in the Polish city of Swinoujscie in 1977. She finished her studies in the Faculty of Painting and did her post-graduate studies in the Academy of Belles Arts in Cracow. She also took a course of Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy.  She taught Drawing and Painting in the School of Visual Arts in Szczecin. She gave classes in painting to students of Architecture. She left Poland in 2005. Her artistic consciousness developed thanks to meeting other cultures, countries and people. She has lived in Belgium, Great Britain and Brazil. Today she lives in Portugal and is represented in various private collections.

Two artists follow the muse in Tavira



Sonhos Incompletos exposição 1

Gilão Restaurante 
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