SAT 4th NOV 17h00 
Escola Secundária de Tavira Dr. Jorge Correia
 MON 13th NOV 19h00
Casa das Artes de Tavira

What I call static theatre is theatre whose dramatic plot does not comprise action – that is, where the characters not only don't do anything, because they don't move about nor talk about moving, (...) where there is neither conflict nor a perfect storyline. People will say that this is not theatre. I believe that it is, because (...) there can be revelation of souls without action, and there can be creation of situations of inertia, soul moments without windows or doors to reality. 

                                  In Páginas de Estética . Fernando Pessoa 

Poems by Álvaro de Campos dramatised by pupils from the Dr Jorge Augusto Correia secondary school and from the D. Manuel group of schools as the result of a workshop organised by Luís Luz of the Sementes de Alfarroba association .

Luís Luz: Born in 1964. He has a degree from Educação Artistica, and participated in the Master's Course in Drama in Education in Birmingham, UK. He is teacher in the 1st cycle, reciter of poetry, actor, director and trainer. He has lived in Tavira, where he teaches, since 2008. He follows no particular aesthetic movement, recognising various artists in their method of approach to theatre: Stanislavski, Grotowski, Peter Brook, Boal, Charlie Chaplin, Rowan Atkinson, Popov, Marcel Marceau.

Ana Cristina Simão Matias, Master of Arts in Modern Languages and Cultures, majoring in Portuguese, and Licentiate in Modern Languages and Literatures, Portuguese and English Studies, is a lecturer at Group 300 at the Secondary School Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia, where she is also a librarian and project manager.

She has been a teacher training consultant, technical and pedagogical advisor, English assistant, trainee counselor and IEFP trainer.

Manuel  Maria Várzea Machado
Francisco Chacim dos Santos
 Vladyslava Shoturma
Inês Preza Carvalho
David Alexandre Fialho Cruz
Sarah D’Asta Rapenne
Maria Ângela Galas Onuorah
Ana Catarina Guerreiro Marques
Maria Helena Gonçalves Neves
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