MON 2nd oct 2017 until SUN 30th nov 2017 Tavira D’Artes Galeria 

exhibition of paintings by Fonseca Martins 

All the material of art resides in an abstraction: sculpture, for example, disdains movement and colour; painting disdains the third dimension and movement…   In Páginas de Estética, Fernando Pessoa Fonseca Martins, feeling honoured by the fact that Fernando Pessoa chose his hometown to be the birthplace of Pessoa’s most important heteronym, Álvaro de Campos, has sought to include in his pictorial work features of this imagined citizen of Tavira. This fascination has led the painter to imagine his own heteronyms. He has had the opportunity to get to know some members of Fernando Pessoa’s family, considering himself, like the poet’s great uncle Jacques Pessoa, a free thinker, and has felt the poet’s presence in his work as a painter.  
Fonseca Martins has been painting Pessoa for fifty years. The poet appeared in his work in the early days of his adolescence, when his teacher, the writer Marmelo e Silva, began every lesson with the reading of a poem. The Ode Marítima by Álvaro de Campos is ever since, fresh in his memory.
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