performance for one actor, one guitar and a philarmonic band
Mercado da Ribeira
Banda Musical de Tavira e Armação do Artista
Vitor Correia (actor and director) 
Pedro Antunes (guitar) 
Filipe Bagarrão (conductor)

Ah, Captain, how late
Will your transatlantic departure be?
Make the on-board band start playing–
Happy tunes, banal, human, like life – 

Make it depart, I want to depart.
                                   In A Partida de Álvaro de Campos

A  performance of music and poetry created last year for the Tavira Municipal Library, and recreated this year for the Mercado da Ribeira.

Vitor Correia Born in Tavira in 1968. Studied at the  Évora Drama Centre. Made his debut in A Noite Italiana by Ödön von Horvath (directed by Mário Barrada). In 1999 he directed the Multi-Poesia project in the Covilhã Festival. Worked an an actor with Artistas Unidos in Lisbon until 2004. Returned to Tavira and in 2006 founded Armação do Artista, dedicated to drama training for and performance by amateurs. Acted in the films Estrada de Palha, Ornamento and Crime a Corrente.
Filipe Bagarrão was born in Tavira in 1970. He began his musical education in the Banda Musical de Tavira at the age of 8, and at 12, with 11 colleagues, he organised the teaching of solfeggio notation to a group of young people who wanted to learn music by joining the band. He followed the course for Conductors of Philharmonic Band in Loulé. He remains a performer on various instruments. He was President of the Directorate of the Banda from 2002 to 2010 and is currently its maestro.

Pedro Antunes. Born in Aveiro, he is a musician, composer and music teacher. He studied History and Social Science in the University of Minho. Today, he lives in Tavira where, with Isabel Pinheiro, he directs the Séqua Mediterranean Flavours and Music Workshop project, which brings together  the Portuguese tradition of petiscos ("tapas") and wines with musical concerts and lessons.



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