Pessoa’s Café
01 – 31 OUT 2018

Biblioteca Municipal Álvaro de Campos
05 – 30 NOV 2018

The Universe of people … we … all the people! …                                                                                                 The multiplicity of mixed humanity

In Álvaro de Campos – Book of Verses. Fernando Pessoa

Launch of the book and exhibition of the drawings by Matthijs Warner and poems by Álvaro de Campos. The drawings are illustrations of people.

People without attributes; without distractions. Like Álvaro de Campos in his poems, they deal with “undressed life”, which leads to the naked truth. They have a life of their own and do not pretend to be illustrations for poems.


Born in 1951 in Naarden, Netherlands. Education and experience: Art Academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Since 1970, he has held exhibitions in the Netherlands, France and Portugal. For five years he studied and practiced Buddhism in Germany, in France and the Netherlands and for two years he studied philosophy at university level. He studies Advaita Vedanta, Panchadasi (Vedanta), in Tiruvannamalai, India. Works as an independent visual artist and editor of modern and contemporary art for a great art platform for 15 years; He was vice president of the Association Casa 5 in Tavira. Organizes since 2007 monthly art exhibitions in Tavira, with Isabel Macieira. He moved from Holland to Portugal in 2007.