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Fado com História

All poetry – and song is supported poetry – reflects what the soul does not have. That is why the song of sad people is happy and the song of happy people is sad. Fado, however, is neither happy nor sad. It is something in between. 

In About Portugal – Fernando Pessoa 

Fado com História, founded in Tavira by Virgílio Lança and the sadly missed Miguel Drago, presents songs from Fernando Pessoa – O Fado e a Alma Portuguesa published by Warner Music Portugal and SevenMuses Music Books, with the support of Casa Fernando Pessoa and the Museum of Fado. They are traditional fado tunes, here using  poems by Fernando Pessoa.


catia fadohisto p&b

Was born in 1981 in Lisbon where she began musical studies in classical guitar and singing. He began by singing in the polyphonic Choir of Almada. She attended the Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa / singing course and attended international singing courses organized by the Vocational School of Music and Arts of Almada. In 2003 she came to the Algarve to study Psychology and started to sing professionally. In addition to Fadista in several groups, she integrates the Fad`Nu, TerraXama, and the duo Cátia Alhandra & Juan León.

José alhandra


Was born in Lisbon in 1963. In 1997 he completed classical guitar studies at the Conservatório Regional do Algarve. He started on the Portuguese guitar in 2002 with guitarist Miguel Drago. From 2005 he started working with guitarist Pedro Caldeira Cabral. In 2012 he was the first musician to get a degree in Portuguese guitar directed by Custódio Castelo at the School of Applied Arts in Castelo Branco, where in 2017 he completed his Master's degree in instrument teaching and chamber music.

sara gonçalves p&b


Is from Fuseta and has a degree in Psychology. Selected by Fado since her childhood, she has achieved several awards, with a special mention for the victory in the contests "Bravo Bravíssimo", and consequent representation of Portugal in the final in Italy. She was the winner of the contest "Born for the Fado" by Filipe La Feria. In 2008 she recorded her first album "Dream". She recently performed at the Aula Magna in Lisbon. She was the chosen fadista to act on the 25th anniversary of the Yamaha Iberian Convention.

Virgilio p&b


Natural of Vila Real de Santo António. Graduated in Economics from the University of Coimbra where he joined Fado groups. Singer since the age of 13 in the pop group Enigma. He shared stage with Amália Rodrigues, Max, Paco Bandeira, The Heralds. He returned to Fado in 2008 and has participated in countless concerts and in the film "We all have you same fate", in honour of Amália Rodrigues. In 2014, together with the guitarist Miguel Drago, he formed the cultural association Fado with History to promote Fado in Tavira.



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