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Portuguese contemporary music and poetry
Academia de Música de Tavira
Antiga Escola Primária R. Álvaro de Campos

... for me the music represents  how shall I put it?
The naturally disturbed medium of my intimate expression

                  In Textos de Crítica e de Intervençõo.Fernando Pessoa
... a musical dialectic as rigorous as verbal dialectic,
(...) is perfectly intelligible for the musician, who plays it ...

                        In Divulgação Musical, conferência de Lopes-Graça 

Fernando Lopes Graça, interpreted by the guitar of Josué Nunes, accompanying the actor Luís Luz, in a recital of poems and reflections on music and modernism in the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, and of the surrealist poet Mário Cesariny, himself a music pupil of Fernando Lopes Graça who paid homage to Fernando Pessoa.

Josué Nunes. Born in Tavira in 1975. Studied at Conservatório Regional do Algarve Maria Campina, and has a degree from the Higher School of Music in Lisbon and a Master's from the Instituto Piaget. Participated in the 1st Festival de Música Erudita in Tavira, the 6th S. Filipe Néri Guitar Festival in Bologna and in the Med2011 Festival. President of the Tavira Academy of Music, he organises the programme Música nas Igrejas de Tavira.

Luís Luz, born in 1964  has a degree in Artistic Education, and participated in the Master's Course in Drama in Education in Birmingham, UK. He is an elementary school teacher, reciter of poetry, actor, director and trainer. He has lived in Tavira, where he teaches, since 2008. He follows no particular aesthetic movement, recognising various artists in their method of approach to theatre: Stanislavski, Grotowski, Peter Brook, Boal, Charlie Chaplin, Rowan Atkinson, Popov, Marcel Marceau.

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