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exhibition of photography and works in pastel

Ah, the poem that would sing you so well, (...) Would be the poem that transcends painting, deeply-felt painting (...) 

                               Saudação a Walt Whitman.  Álvaro de Campos

Photography is not art because it reproduces the material exactly. It is art because it involves choosing (subject, position, etc.) because art is choice. 

                  Ricardo Reis in Pessoa por Conhecer. Teresa Rita Lopes

This year, A l NAFA, the photography association, challenged its associates to choose extracts from poems/writings by Álvaro de Campos and illustrate them with photographs. Besides photography, one of the associates, Jirina Nebesa, responded to the challenge with another technique and exhibits a series of works in pastel on Álvaro de Campos’ poem Ode Maritime.

 a choice by Ana Gouveia

"Refuge for the  longing of all the ancient gods" ... Álvaro de Campos
(Photography - Ana Gouveia


"Sometimes I have happy ideas,

Ideas unexpectedly happy, as ideas...“
                                                                                         Álvaro de Campos
(Photography -Cláudia Perdigão)
"... The more unitedly diverse, dispersively attentive,
I am, feel, live, am

The more I will possess the total existence of the universe ... "

                                                                                          Álvaro de Campos                                                                                              

(Photography - Cláudia Perdigão)
“All that men say,

Everything they build or dismantle or is built or dismantled through them… Becomes smaller! “

                                                                        Álvaro de Campos                                                                                                  

(Photography -  João Ribeiro)
“He passed by me, came to me, in a street downtown

That man in rags, professional beggar as one can see in his face

Who sympathizes with me and I sympathize with him ... “

                                                  Álvaro de Campos                                                                            

(Photography -  João Ribeiro)
... "Whatever it is, the fate of those

Taken into the shadow by love

Or was it the light that created their shadow " 

                                                             Álvaro de Campos                                                                                                                                                                       

(Photography – Mário Gouveia)

... "I bring within my heart, 
 As in a safe so full that it cannot be closed, 
 All the places I have ever been to" ...

                                                                                                 Álvaro de Campos                                                                                                
(Photography – Ricardo Mendes)
...“The day ended up rainy.

Since early morning I felt a bit sad”...

                                                                                            Álvaro de Campos

(Photography – Urgélia Santos)

“My soul broke like an empty pot.

Fell down the stairs excessively below...”

                                                                                            Álvaro de Campos
(Photography – Urgélia Santos)

"The shadow, which is the light given to the day by the night...“

                                                                                          Álvaro de Campos

(Photography – Ruth Vera)
“Ah..... in the dreadful silence of the bedroom, the clock with its sound of silence! Monotony !”

                                                                                                Álvaro de Campos
(Photography – Ruth Vera)

Ana Gouveia | photography 
Born in Lisbon. Graduated in Law School at the age of 23. Lives in the Algarve. She considers herself a privileged and voracious observer. Regarding her work as a photographer, she says: "Photography is a strong interest that "invades" me since 2012.  I've accepted an invitation to join a Photography Association, A | NAFA, Tavira, and never stopped to learn about the the regard and the techniques - the approach. This has been achieved with study, purpose, observation and attention that lead todiscovery. I've taken the courses and participated in the several workshops promoted by the association of photographers A | NAFA where I was Vice President since 2013 . My goals are to learnm and share. Photography is Magic. 

Cláudia Perdigão | photography
Born in Faro, on the 19th of August 1983. Her passion for photography came as a teenager, she admired the landscapes and the realities made her travel. Photography became a passion when she was offered a digital camera. It was not the first one, but it was THE one ... she still keeps it with a lot of affection even though it does not work. The NAFA Association came when she wanted to improve and learn more about Photography.
Today A | NAFA is part of her daily life, being the current vice president. Stop, Look and Shoot !! Record the moments!

Jiřina Nebesa | works in pastel
Czech and French, nurtured since childhood by the great schools of pictorial expressions, Jiřina Nebesa uses painting in order to restore the quality and intensity of the imprint of the reality imposing on her senses, of the countries where she lived or visited – Chad, Ethiopia, Morocco, Tunisia, Iceland, the United States, Portugal, Spain, France, native Bohemia. Landscapes, views from the ground or from the air, maps, scientific diagrams, music and poetry are the raw material of her works

Mário Rui Gouveia | photography
60 years old, born and resident in Lisbon. An offer of an analogue camera, in adolescence, awakened his taste, his skill and an immense curiosity. Photographing has become a daily activity and the quest for perfecting the technique and deepening knowledge is a constant. Partner of the Association and Friends of Photographers Center of Tavira, based in Tavira since 2013

João Ribeiro
Self-taught photographer. At the age of 15 years he starts taking pictures. At the age of 19 he enters the air force and in 2004 exhibits his photos of aeroplanes during the centenary of the firing range of Alcochete. In 2012 he founds the Centre of the Photographer Friends of the Algarve, to spread a love of photography. In 2013 he obtains the Certificate of Pedagogical Competences and starts to train students in that field. In 2016 he concludes a specialization course in Digital Photography at the University of Oxford and another in Photography Aesthetics at MoMA in New York.

Ricardo Mendes | photography
Portuguese, born in Beira, Mozambique, in March 1951, has traveled from India, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Spain and Portugal. He reports that there were many colors and smells he saw and felt. There were many people of various races of creeds whom he knew and with whom he shared moments of life. There were many reasons that led him to register these episodes very early and, perhaps because of this, to feel, loke in the poem, that "my heart is like a safe that cannot be closed, because it is so full with the many places I have been to." Retired civil servant.
Ruth Vera | photography
Born in Switzerland on a first day of spring, April 23. When she was 3 years old, her parents moved to Chile, where she grew up, studied and married. After living in many countries, destiny brought the couple to the Algarve. Her husband was the photographer in the family, but fate took him too early. After some time staring at the camera still on a shelve, she made a decision: now it's my turn, I’m going to become the photographer. One summer night at Barril Beach, she discovered Nafa and began to actively integrate the association.

Urgélia Santos
Born in Tavira on an autumn afternoon in October, in the  year one thousand nine hundred and fifty and such. Of an administrative profession, she always wanted to do something in the field of the arts. About 10 years ago, the photographer was born. She has in the photograph a way of expressing her emotions. The Nafa Association came into her life as a lifeline in a personal capacity and turned out to be an apprenticeship, a place of friendship and conviviality. She was Secretary of the General Assembly and currently Treasurer of the Association.
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