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The mental origin of my heteronyms lies in my organic and constant tendency towards depersonalization and simulation.

Escritos Íntimos, Cartas e Páginas Autobiográficas . Fernando Pessoa. (Introdução, organização e notas de Antoónio Quadros.)

Gerda Gritzka uses drawing and painting to show the poet in different forms and methods. The methods she chooses ( light and shadow, classic, popart, paper cut collage, oil pastels, tachism ) reflect the many facets of Fernando Pessoa.


art and above all painting is
my philosophy
my favourite game
my food for the nerves
my daily brain gymnastics
my profession, my therapy
my meditation, my  hobby, my challenge
my anti-aging cure
my passion 
since 40 years ago

born 1945, I grew up and studied in Germany,
since 1997, I have lived in Portugal

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