Exhibiton by Fonseca Martins

Casa Álvaro de Campos 
FRI SET.28 to FRI NOV.30

Galeria Tavira D’Artes 

All the material of art resides in an abstraction: sculpture, for example, disdains movement and colour; painting disdains the third dimension and movement… 

                In Páginas de Estética, Fernando Pessoa 

Fonseca Martins, feeling honoured by the fact that Fernando Pessoa chose his home town to be the birthplace of Pessoa’s most important heteronym, Álvaro de Campos, has sought to include in his pictorial work features of this imagined citizen of Tavira. This fascination has led the painter to imagine his own heteronyms. He has had the opportunity to get to know some members of Fernando Pessoa’s family, considering himself, like the poet’s great uncle Jacques Pessoa, a free thinker, and has felt the poet’s presence in his work as a painter. For this retrospective, Carlos has chosen some of his previous work featuring Fernando Pessoa, adding to them the most recent and still unseen ones. His works will be divided between two venues, simultaneously.

more info: 
Casa Álvaro de Campos:alvarodecampos09@gmail.com     
Galeria Tavira D'Artes: taviradartes@gmail.co
Gilão Restaurante 

I am nothing.
I will always be nothing.
I cannot wish to be anything.
Apart from that, I have within me all the dreams of the world. 
                         In Tabacaria. Álvaro de Campos

The title of this exhibition comes from a happy coincidence in the Portuguese language: in citações (“in quotes”) ... which in turn really wants to be incitações (“stimulations”) ... an invitation to an inner journey that sometimes leads us to a reflection on certain concepts, certain ways of thinking and acting ... 

The work naturally revolves around the person of Fernando Pessoa, and his other selves, Álvaro de Campos, heteronym of Pessoa who was “born" in Tavira, among so many others ... 

To search and write by hand some of the multifaceted thoughts of this(these) author(s) in the form of quotations, allows us to relate to, as much in the form as in the content, the work of this immense writer with a vast and timeless philosophy and Eastern spirituality. 

Hence the choice of this arrangement of calligraphic banners as prayer flags, or of the natural-scale figures that float and interact on the paper, inviting each of us as spectators to participate in this somewhat ethereal dialogue.

                                                                          Isabel Macieiramore info: Gilão Restaurante: 281 322 050
photography exhibition

Headquarters of A|NAFA (the photography association)
SAT OCT.13 to FRI NOV.30

Exhibition of photographs of examples of modernist architecture in Tavira based on Isabel Macieira's research.  
... And I, the old one, walked up the street imagining a future sunflower. 
And I, the modern one, walked down the street not imagining anything... 

                         In Realidade by Álvaro de Campos

Fernando Pessoa chose Tavira as the birth place for Álvaro de Campos, the figure who will be considered the typical poet of modernity, of civilization and of what is technical in the contemporary world. It is not mere coincidence: he would also have felt the huge enchantment, the historical and cultural sense that envelops every corner of this city... it is sensed that, during various moments in time, there have always been people in this small and quaint town, who have felt attracted to modernity and have immediately joined and praised new stylistic trends. 

The same happened during the so-called modernist period, represented by a number of buildings of great beauty. It is urgent to study, catalogue and preserve the integrity of these examples, as important witnesses of the city's contemporary architecture. In this exhibition. one can see the most striking examples (within the city and in its surroundings), many of which were created by the architect Manuel Gomes da Costa, an undisputed name in the modern architecture of the Algarve.

                                                                           Isabel Macieira
more info: A!NAFA: nafatavira@gmail.com

... Our Universe... the people... all the people!... 
The multiplicity of mixed humanity

                      In Livro de Versos.Álvaro de Campos 

Matthijs Warner's book release and exhibition of drawings
The book is composed of Álvaro de Campos' poems with drawings by Matthijs Warner. The drawings are illustrations of people. 

People without any attributes; without distractions. Just like Álvaro de Campos in his poems, they deal with the "naked life", which leads to the naked truth. They live for themselves and don't intend to be illustrations for poems.

more info:
Biblioteca Municipal Álvaro de Campos: biblioteca@cm.tavira
Casa Fotografia Andrade
from Oct. 15 2018
photography exhibition  
I finally arrive back in the town of my childhood.  I used to see myself arriving back here with all the splendour of being 40 years old - Lord of the world - and at 41 I get down from the train. What have I conquered? Nothing.  

           In Notas sobre Tavira- Álvaro de Campos

 An exhibition of a selection of photographs from the collection of the Andrade family, showing pictures from the first decades of the 20th century, illustrating the poem Notas sobre Tavira (Notes about Tavira) with details of the city as described in the poem, where Álvaro de Campos reveals he returned to Tavira in 1931. 

The Andrades have been professional photographers for a century. They have lived in Tavira since the dawn of the era of photography, pioneering the art in the city. 

They are the owners and initiators of the Casa Andrade Museum, which displays a collection of thousands of images to the visiting public, revealing the local landscapes, habits and tastes of the citizens of Tavira for more than a hundred years. 

more info: Casa Andrade Fotografia tel. +351 281 322 298
from MON 26 NOV to FRI 21 DEC

…What I am today is like the humidity in the corridor at the end of the house, 

Streaking the walls with green mould… 

What I am today (and the house of those who loved me trembles through my tears), 

In Aniversário, Álvaro de Campos 

This small exhibition is part of a collection of documents from my family that have been discovered recently and that will help us to learn more about Pessoa’s family on his father’s side. 

Who were they, where did they live, what did they do, these Pessoa(s) from Tavira, cousins of the poet? One part of this selection of documents was “forgotten” in an old safe and another part was gathered in boxes that possibly would have ended up in the trash and would have been lost forever, were it not for the good sense of a family member of the poet who salvaged them and handed them to me. 

Not only did we get to know the cousin “Lisbela”, but also other family members on the author’s father’s side, who certainly will have accompanied him during his travels to the city of Tavira. 

                                                                 Rui Cansado Guedes

more info:
Rui Cansado Guedes: cansadoguedes@hotmail.com
Casa das Artes de Tavira, 17h00 to 20h00
MON NOV.12 to FRI NOV.30 

The main attitude of futurism is Absolute Objectivity, the elimination from art of everything that is soul, feeling, emotion, lyricism, subjectivity... 

In Carta ao Diário de Notícias ,Álvaro de Campos 

An exhibition at Casa das Artes de Tavira, where the results of the work of students from Tavira Secondary School is presented, using various techniques learned in class and techniques developed during the engraving and theatre workshops.

more info:
Profª Ana Cristina Matias (coordenadora): anamatias@estavira.com
Casa das Artes de Tavira, 17h00 to 20h00
MON NOV.12 to FRI NOV.30 

...to feel everything in every way. Art is the individual's aspiration to be the universe. The universe is something imagined... 

                      In Pessoa Inédito. Fernando Pessoa 

An exhibition of sculptures in wood of Álvaro de Campos, made by the students of Escola Básica D. Manuel I. The working process is documented in a video that will be shown at Casa das Artes de Tavira.

more info:
Prof. Pedro Jubilot (coordenador) pedromalves2014@hotmail.com




















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