16h00 in Portugal
live streaming from Espaço Cultural Leão da Serra

Chance in the street, the chance of the fair-haired girl, 
But no, it's not her. / The other was on another street, in another city, and I was someone else.
Suddenly I’m lost, I lose that immediate vision. 
I am again  in another city, in another street,
And the other girl passes by.
                                        In Poesias. Álvaro de Campos

A recital of poems by Fernando Pessoa and by Brazilian poets, interpreted by 
Bidô Galvão and the poet Vicente Sá, acompanhados do bandolim de Victor 
Angeléas. The composer and singer Túlio Borges will show some of his works, 
including the poem by Álvaro de Campos he set to music. O pintor Ribamar Fonseca, responsável pelo cenário, 
fará uma performance durante o evento que contará ainda com participação
especial do ator Murilo Grossi.
streamed live on the Facebook page Festa dos Anos de Álvaro de Campos.Álvaro-de-Campos.

EVENTO ACASO_CHANCE_Espaço Cultural Leão da Serra 
 Espaço Cultural Leão da Serra
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