THU 23rd NOV 19h00

music and poetry
Casa das Artes de Tavira 

To be young means not wanting to know anything about opinions. To be young is to let others go to the Devil with their opinions, good or bad – good or bad, people never know which ones will take you to the Devil.

In Textos de Crítica e Intervenção. Álvaro de Campos

BC/AC is a poetry recital by pupils from the basic education programme of Agrupamento de Escolas D. Manuel I, coordinated by Pedro Jubilot. It is based on texts / extracts from some of the authors, from Gil Vicente to Fernando Pessoa and contemporary authors,  studied as part of the history of Portuguese literature programme.

Pedro Jubilot: Teacher and writer, born in Olhão. Lives and teaches in Tavira. Degree from the Faculdade de Letras in Lisbon. With Jorge Jubilot, created and directs the publisher CanalSonora, which they define thus: The Utopians of CanalSonora are not pretensious, they are hedonists; they are not writers / photographers, they are researchers / people who feflect things and ideas; they are not modern, they are eternal; they are not artists, they are ramblers; they are not realists, they are dreamers. Member of Casa Álvaro de Campos and consultant for other projects in this programme.

Angela Fonseca: was born in Covilhã in 1973. Graduated in Classical Languages ​​and Literatures by the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, she is currently a Portuguese teacher at the D. Manuel I School in Tavira. She has participated in several projects to promote Portuguese literature and its authors to the school community.

Basic School D. Manuel I – Was created to substitute  the Preparatory School Prof. Silva Carvalho, of 1968/69. In 1974/75 it was transferred to the Carmo Convent and in 1980/81 to Quinta da Saúde, under the name Preparatory School. After that it was called EB 2,3 D. Manuel I, because in 1520 D. Manuel I granted the city charter to Tavira, since it was the main commercial and populational port of the Algarve. Since 2004/05, it operates in new facilities in the same space.



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