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Philosophical cafe, with Maria João Neves PhD

Casa Álvaro de Campos

Another time, another time, the vast, ancient cry,
Suddenly, like a lightning-flash of sound 
that creates not noise but tenderness,
All of a sudden embracing the whole maritime horizon
A humid and sombre human sound of the night, 
The far off voice of the mermaid, crying, calling, 

Coming from the deep Faraway from the depths of the Sea, from the soul of the Abyss, / And on its surface, like seaweed, float my unravelled dreams...

                  In Ode Marítima. Álvaro de Campos

Maria João Neves, PhD in Philosophy, invites the public to reflect on the questions: What happens when the voice of the Mermaids is heard? Who are these mythical creatures that so tormented Ulysses? Why does Álvaro de Campos' Mermaid cry when calling him? Will the engineer from Tavira go to his meeting?

Maria João Neves: PhD in Philosophy 2002. Concluded post-doctoral studies in Musical Aesthetics in 2016. Research fellow of the Centre for the Study of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics in Universiade Nova in Lisbon. Has published various books and articles. Integrated Philosopher in the Tavira health network. Writes a monthly column, "Day-to-day Philosophy", in the journal Cultura Sul/Postal do Algarve.and organises Philosophical Cafes in various towns in the Algarve.



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